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Gold and silver are assets and currencies, though totally debt-free. Especially in times of crisis, gold and silver act as an important asset protection and are used as a safe-haven currency. They are always accepted.

bMoney is shy like a deer. Money requires trust. It needs the certainty that it is worth as much today as it will be tomorrow and the days to come. Without trust, money is nothing more than printed paper.b

Our paper money is exclusively based on trust. As a matter of fact, trust, however, dwindles increasingly when the monetary stability is endangered because of growing and persisting deficit financing and severe financial crisis. A considerable lack of trust leads to the breakdown of the international monetary system. As a result, the market participants will turn to real and tangible monetary assets, mainly gold.

bAs gold and silver are always accepted, even in times of uncertainty and crisis, they are the most favoured safe haven asset. They are a solid investment and offer highest protection.  b

In times of crisis, the price for gold and silver increases significantly. This increase lasts as long as trust in a new monetary stability is restored. Such new monetary system – we are convinced - needs at least to be partly backed by gold or silver to inspire trust. Fiat money systems - based solely on the faith and credit of the economy and market participants – cannot successfully work.

Investments in gold and silver help to protect your assets.  The SafePort Physical Gold 95+ Fund, the SafePort Physical Silver 95+ Fund and the SafePort Precious Metals 95+ Fund buy, store and hold at least 95 % of the fund assets in physical gold, silver and/or other precious metals.

Facts about silver

Gold is an investment. Silver is an investment and an industrial commodity. Silver is not only a monetary metal like gold, but also a strategic metal thanks to its unique physical and chemical characteristics.

Strategic metals are vital to modern technology and industry, but their supply is limited and subject to disruption as they are naturally scarce. Demand for them, however, is steadily growing.

The available global reserves of extracted silver (without the already processed silver) cover the industrial demand for only about 6 months. A considerable proportion of these reserves will only be made available when much higher prices are offered. Furthermore, a significant amount of the processed silver cannot be recycled for technical reasons.   

bSilver is becoming more and more scarce and thus more and more expensive, regardless its additional importance as monetary metal and safe haven asset.b

As a consequence of this unique situation, two SafePort Funds mainly focus on silver and three SafePort Funds include silver as a substantial investment element.